Saturday, December 27, 2008

Got my bathroom, got my office

Hi guys, whomever you are.

Well, Shane FINALLY started the bathroom...I can already see the new tile and grout lines, the lit candles, and the bubble bath with ME in it.

AND, my office is organized! It looks great. Very fung shui...very egg fu yung, very mu shu...yum chinese sounds so good especially after you see it on TV

Shane and I had a hard day's work; we watched a movie together. Or well, really he sat in the recliner and watched a movie his way, O watched it mine: I ran around during dull scenes or asked him to pause while I go finish another section of my project - tonight it was a skirt for my fold up table.

Just ate two cookies and some milk cause my stomach's not liking the emptiness.

Gosh it feels good to have some organized life. Today was good. Kale is at Grandma Susan and Grandpa Bill's house. Man I need a shower; can't have one the bathtub's in the kitchen!!!!!!!

Much love to all.


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