Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dec 12 2012

Well...I have been reading on this subject, about Dec 12 2012 being the end of days, the end of the Mayan calendar, ushering in a "Golden Age", and Tom Cruise is a believer, if fact he's building a 3 million dollar bunker underneath his Colorado mansion to prepare for this.

Normally this would seem to me like another random prediction. But, my ears are raised BECAUSE, there are so many religions and scientists that have come to this same date for the end or for some major event to happen.

Boy I am glad I'm with God.

This may be forthcoming, but I welcome this day. Kale won't be old enough for the age of accountability, Taylor's already God's girl, and I'll be at the peak of my life in age. I'll be around 33 years old.

I'm ready to go to heaven or whatever. Honestly I don't know how God does it - having so much patience with humans, in general. They really tick me off quite honestly. Humans, or Americans at least, as a whole are WAY too ungrateful and way too rude and inconsiderate of the planet. You know, God DID make the planet FIRST, not us.

I'm seeing things in a new light this year. Looking back from where I've been, this year has changed me so much, I see things clearer. Still clinging to God for my safety and my security, I will be here regardless of what happens.

I hope some others post a response to this post!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Just filled up on Chinese food.

Going to see a drive in movey - The Zohan starring Adam Sandler. I want to see The Happening but Shane hates scary movies.

Today was good. Shane is putting together his father's day gift - I got him a lifesize standup cardboard of John Wayne. He loves it! I don't know where we'll put it...

In other news we have dirt in our yard now, and I finished the cushions for the window box. I also whipped together some throw pillows that have hibiscus' on them in a green and white blackout pattern.

All is good.

Love you guys,


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sometimes I wonder

I wonder if people back in the "old days" were happier...generally...

No utility bills to worry about. No prom. No retirement plan to worry about. No depressing news at 10pm. Relying on family in a major way. Everyone helped each other build their house.

Other things, think about it for a second.

What else? Well everyone went to bed when the sun went down...I guess less stress, maybe? Or, did they have just as much stress, only different things?

They didn't have air conditioning, big downer. Oooo yess, that's a big one. And no epidurals for childbirth. Yeah that's a big downer.

I have concluded that they might have been happier because they didn't know what they were missing...I am now going to be happy for the technological advances we have and now stress less because I don't have to because it's a sin to worry and I had a zanax today!!!!

Love you all.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lovin' life at 29

Hey everyone,

Well, it's a good night. Back in town, chillin' on my porch in my new $28 porch chair from Dickey Bub's, drinking a large homemade iced tea, sweet of course, and Shane and Kale are sleeping upstairs!

I just painted the foundation of our house gray - the front that is. Our yard is partially dug up now, they are even going to take out the old fence posts for us. AND, soon i will be planting flowers. I cannot wait.

Tonight I am content. Tonight I am very happy. It's a good feeling. The GloProfessional seminar was GREAT, I learned so much. Nashville was nice even though I was only there 24 hours. I stopped over in Clarksville, had to refill my oil in my car to get everything else to work right. My air con was not working properly. It was hot today!

I am very excited to be going to the John Mayer concert in July when he comes to St. Louis. He has matured so much as an artist and because he is only two years older than I, we seem to be maturing that is something I can relate to, through music. It's nice to have such a great artist my age. Yes, I am a big fan. If face, he's one of my favorites.

Well, I suppose I better scoot for now. Everyone out there in the universe, take care.

Love you all,


Monday, June 2, 2008


Hey everyone;

I should be in bed right now. Had a weird feeling about leaving tomorrow for Nashville. Thought I should blog. I just wanted you to know that for some weird reason if I meet my maker tomorrow, I love you all, and appreciate everything you have ever done for me.

Love Audrey

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Zoo...eeback toast

Hi there,

Today my family and I, along with two others, ventured into the great unknown, full of tigers, lions, butterlies, and penquins. Yes, the St. Louis Zoo. It was hot. It was fun. And, after that my family ate at Cracker Barrel and picked up some front loading appliances, used, thank you, and came home.

Kale loved it. I got such a kick seeing the wonder in his eyes when he would see something new. Who knew kids could be so entertaining.

Liz exclaimed, "wow, he's a loud kid!" That made me smile. I like that my kid is loud and outspoken. Right now it's cute 'cause it's baby talk, I'm sure I will take those words back in the future. I know those of you with kids are just laughing and thinking, "just wait, just wait."

A word on kids and personality...isn't it interesting? I mean, how God doles out the personalities? Two kids from the same parents couldn't be more different. I'm pretty sure Kale's going to be a type A personality. He's got to choleric parents so there's bound to be some stubborness there...and there is. Good thing is, I'm more stubborn right back!

Right now Kale is asleep upstairs, Shane is watching TV, and I am reflecting on the day and being happy that my little sprouts of vegetables have come up!!! We've got Spinach, Cucumbers, Kale, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Broccolli, Potatoes, Chives, and a few more to name. They are in jiffy start pods, and I promoted the 2 inchers outside to a box. I hope they do well overnight and drink in some eastern sun. I still feel like I haven't quite gotten the whole gardening thing under the belt yet.

More on how the pods progress...I transplanted about 15-20 pods outside tonight, will post more as they sprout....maybe tomorrow?

I have a Skin Ecology test tomorrow at school.

Bye now!

Love you all.