Saturday, September 12, 2009

Noticing in other posts

Wow this is a good way to chart sickness! I was sick back in November of 08. I was really sick with high fever, chills and sore throat about a week ago, for three solid days. The fever was so bad, I stripped down, laid under a blanket cause i was cold but sweating, and in 15 minutes my sheets were soaked - had to move down to a dry spot on the bed!!! I know gross, right? That was the pits. Feeling really good now. Dad gave me some of this pomegranate antioxidant supplement capsule that was really cheap only 6 dollars and I think that it works...haven't taken it religiously, but I think it does work.

I'm 30 and trying to be better in life with my diet, my intuitive nature, my ideals, my finances, and my health. Here's to the 30's!!!! They will be the beginning of a healthy adult life! I don't even think about my 20's much, didn't like about 35% of much confusion about life and what to do. I remember I was so bummed on my 21st birthday, was with friends but it was just BLAH and now I have a great husband, son, good life.

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Darcy Lee said...

You should carry your blog on. Maybe post like once a year.